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decomposed granite gravel
MAG Materialsserving the Western Hill Country and West Texas since 2007.
Owned and operated by the Ake Family.

Pit Hours–7:30 am to 5:30 pm daily
Pick up your load at our site or have it delivered to yours. Call for a quote for deliveryend dump with pup trailer or belly dump available.
Located at the extreme northwest end of the decomposed granite deposit in Texas. This deposit has a mixture of colors--burnt orange with black, yellow and gray; gold colored mica and marble-like flat surfaces which give our granite the sunlight sparkle.

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Colorful, sparkling, easy to work Decomposed Granite Gravel is ideal for road tops, driveways, landscaping applications, composts and soil mixtures, mulch, hike and bike trails, walking paths, golf course paths and other applications where an attractive, solid, smooth permeable surface that is easily maintained is desired.
decomposed granite gravel

MAG Materials LLC
Plant/Pit Location 13552 RR 1851 Voca, Texas 76887
P. O. Box 1310, Mason, Texas 76856

decomposed granite gravel

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decomposed granite gravel

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